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About the Lifestyle

Welcome to Chucktown!
Chucktown® started as a lifestyle, back in the day when our founder Davey Blair scribbled the words Chucktown® on his text books while dreaming of waves, skateboarding, and wake boarding. Those day dreams of board sports turned into a reality when Davey landed a professional kite surfing contract, while living in the Domincan Republic. For the next 12 years Davey, basically, kited around the globe. He was able to share the stoke of "Chucktowning your Life" with people all over the world and quickly got nicknamed "Chucktown" 
Today we share the stoke of Chucktown® where ever the adventure takes us. To live life to the fullest and share amazing memories with people you love. So here at Chucktown® we invite you to do just that.